We have incorporated new measures to ensure the safety of all. We want you to make the most of your stay in our hotel, without worrying about anything; you deserve it! While the hotel was close we worked hard, disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning to the last corner. For your own safety, you will find the certificate accrediting our work on arrival at the establishment. Our staff has taken a specific training course to be able to act in the most correct way with a very clear objective: your safety and that of our employees is our priority. 

In the following, we will explain you the protocol of action you will find in our hotels with trained staff:


* Check in online from your home.

* The use of face masks is obligatory in the facilities; it is for your safety and that of all.

* Remember to maintain the safety distance of 2m at all times with any of us.

* You will have hydro alcoholic gel for use when you arrive. If you prefer to wear gloves, you will be given them. You will find signs at the entrance of the hotel; we would appreciate you waiting there and we will take care of you.

* First of all, we perform temperature checks for all; it is for your peace of mind, we hope you understand it.

 *We will give you a key to the perfectly sterilized room and we will accompany you.

* If you need during your stay any type of information about the area as well as maps, restaurants, etc. we can send it to you on WhatsApp or by mail.


* Hand hygiene: Proper and frequent hand washing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses. In our daily meetings, we remind our teams that cleaning begins with this simple act. We dispose of bioalcohol dispensers in common areas as well.

* When you enter the room you will notice the degree of disinfection, our cleaning staff have received specific training to follow a strict cleaning protocol, using products approved by health authorities, which allow to keep rooms clean and protect from viruses.

* Disinfection of rooms: we will carefully disinfect all the knobs, handles, switches, controls and curtains.

* If you prefer no one enter your room, you can inform us or hang the sign you will find in the room. If, on the other hand, you prefer a double cleaning service during your stay, for a small extra we will clean your room twice (prior reservation).

* Waste treatment: the handling, management and disposal of waste is done safely.

* Special measures in the treatment of bed linen:disinfection of bed sheets is guaranteed by our external professionals. Washing at temperatures of 75-80 ° C for a minimum of 20 minutes with a dose of hydrogen peroxide. Drying at temperatures close to 100 ° C that ensure thermal disinfection.

* Disposable pillows: We will provide you, for a small extra, of disposable pillows. After your stay, you can take it home.

* Ultraviolet light: for maximum safety, once your room has been disinfected and cleaned, we will put an ultraviolet light in to remove, if there is one, any "virus" that may have remained. It is important that there is no one in the room during this treatment.

* Common areas: during the day and until late at night, our cleaning staff will be constantly reviewing the most important sources of infection. We will increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in common areas paying special attention to the most sensitive points such as receptions, door handles, railings, etc.



* Breakfast buffet will we replace with "à la carte" breakfast. That way, you can customize your own breakfast.

* We would appreciate booking time to enjoy breakfast. We serve our breakfast from 8.30am to 10.30am. We will bring breakfast to your room for a small fee; we would appreciate you informing us on your arrival not on the same day.



* Advance payment: your stay will be charge before of your departure day. If you have any extras, you will pay them at check out.

* In the case of payment, we would be grateful if you could provide us with a credit card or with the use of a mobile phone.

* If you ask for an invoice, we will send it to you by email.

*We would be grateful if you could respect check out time, not later than 11.30am. Think we must work to get the room ready for the next guest.